Key Customers

Key Customers


The all in one solution for group training has arrived

The FITBENCH was specifically designed for group fitness training. Everything needed to provide a full body functional workout is provided within the FITBENCH.

Key Customers

Key Customers


There is no such thing as off season

Being an elite or professional athlete is demanding. The FITBENCH was designed to accommodate all fitness levels–even elite or professional athletes. The FITBENCH provides all the necessary equipment needed to execute any functional movement, prevent injuries, and build strength and power.

The FITBENCH can provide a workout that would leave even the most elite athletes in the world breathless.


Let us serve you

The brave men and women of the military and first responders are extremely important for the safety of our public. The FITBENCH can support all branches of the military and first responders staff by maintaining the highest fitness levels.

By providing a compact, all-in-one workout solution, FITBENCH is a strategic fit for any military branch, police and fire.

Key Customers

Key Customers


Where space is a premium

With space at a premium and always limited, we understand that providing a location for your guests or members to get a quick and efficient workout can be difficult.

Space saving and compact, the FITBENCH can provide a suitable workout for any member or guest, with quality and lifespan of equipment important for any organization.


Functional training in any corner

With growing enrollment at universities and schools, Recreational Directors are always looking to add equipment that doesn’t require power and can fill a “dead spot” within their facility. Have an indoor running track?

Consider putting the FITBENCH in the corner of the running track. This will allow students or members to use the FITBENCH and the indoor running track to get in a high intensity interval workout right there.

The FITBENCH is a low-cost way to make your indoor running track or any location within your facility a multidimensional functional training area.

Key Customers

Key Customers


Getting back to your best

With over 100 exercises to choose from, the FITBENCH is perfect for people going through rehabilitation under guidance or instruction from an expert.

Our website offers great examples of the different types of functional movements and exercises that can be undertaken using the bench.