Welcome to the Fitbench

The FITBENCH is a storage, soft close top bench that neatly stores:

Six different sets of dumbbells, two kettle bells, one slam ball, six FITBANDS with over ten attachment points to choose from providing hundreds of different exercises to keep every session fresh and exciting.


The weights and kettle bells are neatly stored inside the FITBENCH with weight sizes ranging from 5 pounds (2KG) to 30 pounds (14KG).

It also doubles as a PlyoBox, the top elevates, it is durable, safe and it allows the user to keep the intensity high in a workout while keeping the floor space clear of equipment.

The Fitbench can be easily moved while it is fully loaded with weights by featuring an engaging wheel.

With quality and lifespan of equipment important for any organization, the FITBENCH is constructed of cold rolled steel with a durable composite top. The FITBENCH is built with design, functionality, and durability in mind.